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9' Soft Tampico Fibre Utility Brush

9" Soft Tampico Fibre Utility Brush

The 9 utility brush features a Tampico fibre fill with hardwood handle. Natural Tampico fibre has great water absorption and resistance to heat. Used for soft/medium scrubbing applications.

9' Medium Union Utility Scrub

9" Medium Union Utility Scrub

Union fibre, a heat-resistant blend of natural Tampico and Palmyra, gives this utility brush a medium-stiff scrubbing action. 9" hardwood handle fits well in the hand and makes close-at hand scrubbin... more

9' Medium Poly Utility Scrub Brush

9" Medium Poly Utility Scrub Brush

Polypropylene resists acids, solvents and chemicals. This brush pairs stiff blue polypropylene fibres in a 9" polyester handle. The all-synthetic nature of the brush makes it a good choice in food-p... more

9' Stiff Palmyra Utility Brush

9" Stiff Palmyra Utility Brush

This all-purpose brush features a stiff natural Palmyra fibre in a 9" hardwood handle for easy maneuverability. The natural fibre is heat-resistant and extra-aggressive.

9' Stiff Poly Utility Scrub Brush

9" Stiff Poly Utility Scrub Brush

This utility brush features a poly-foam block filled with stiff white polypropylene fibres. Polypropylene is a durable material that resists heat, acids, solvents and chemicals. 9" handle suited for ... more